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 the next generation of  in-cloud-operated Virtual Digital Agency

A pace-setting for creative minds and ideas-developers  who are looking for building the next generation of  Virtual Digital Agency

 in-cloud-operated Virtual Digital Agency

 Start collaborating with a team that enjoys a creative technical challenge
revolving around be-truly-succeed brand you love.


Digital Office Co-working Space

United in one global freelance service providing team of craft-brothers, VDA Production Collaborators assist in developing  IT-sector related products and services at competitive pricing plans to meet exact project needs of “timing and budgeting” .

Digital experts who understand “Brand”:

Taking priority of brand-new “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project we do care about!

 Digital experts who understand the priority of brand-new “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project

VDA PRODUCTION COLLABORATORS propose services to satisfy the requirements of franchise based projects which are aimed at achieving goals and objectives relevant to “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project.


1- is a team of freelancers connected via home-servers VPN-based infrastructure operated as a virtual digital agency that creates workplace for ideation-developers and project-initiators be assisted in providing professional services in IT sector.

 2- assist with developing client's franchise based projects which are focused on relevant to "Dimana$U$ Prophecy" Project tasks, objectives and goals. 

3- are building web-tools virtualization and emulation ecosystem for assisting clients’ projects which are focused on creating  applications for any devices to be implemented at on-cross-platforms for development,   prototype-testing and hosting, reviewing and modifying  code in a secure cluster.

4- assist in building DPP-Platform that utilizes principles of Virtual Digitalized Automation.  

DPP-Platform deploys VPN access via local server hosted code-covered applications

More time to grow UP for PEOPLE - more experience to share WITH THEM!


Virtual Digitalized Automation (VDA) is a set of in-cloud-servicing technical-problem-solving principles, approaches and methods dedicated to the virtualization, emulation and automation of end-user-friendly web- and mobile applications, to be optimized for any-sized-business needs in its most-effective, customers-focused and consumers-oriented way across all major hand-held devices and computer operating systems with VPN access via local server hosted code-covered applications.

Virtua  Digitalized Automation Infrastructure:  VDA PRODUCTION

 Local server hosted code-covered application prototype does not employ Firebase and Play Services and is actually an emulator written basically in JSON, JAVA AND JAVASCRIPT that is running most Operating Systems inside the emulation bootable storage on virtual disk across Virtual Private Network server-side workstation, much like you have “a computer inside of a computer, and “a gadget inside of a gadget”, and the application inside of application. It includes emulation of CPU, common-virtual- associated disk(s) and software devices, and a custom BIOS be compiled (1) to emulate many different CPUs and processors which may even not reached the market yet and (2) used in a variety of modes, some which are still in development.

open source code and scripts

Functional Startup Digital Business Intelligence Model:


Evaluating Agile-PROP concept to ensure its perfect fit for Start-Up’s management of unregistered IP-Assets Portfolio forming the basis of innovative project 

VDA PRODUCTION COLLABORATORS: Agile-Prop™ concept based Project Management

Marketing Analyst and Specialist Strategy

Client’s Project Authorial Tutorship and Leadership Service

“VDA PRODUCTION” is a Google My Business address-verified (code BY01081801158authorial-branding service which primary category that best represents it is titled “Intellectual Property Registry”.

Project Authorial   Tutorship and Leadership Service
The Author: Dzmitry Alyaksandravich Vasilyeu