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This website is proudly built with the help of VDA PRODUCTION COLLABORATORS; hence the "WE" and “OUR” you may see quite frequently while browsing its pages. It is the combined efforts of really good people who have provided their services addressed to accomplishing corporate-team Author-branded projects over a few years in a past.

We believe that a long-lasting relationship needs to be mutually beneficial, and the virtualization and emulation models and concepts we propose are based on succeeding only when all of us succeed -  a pace-setting for creative minds and ideas-having individuals who are looking for building the next generation of virtualization and emulation media-content-based and in-cloud-operated Start-Up Companies.

VDA PRODUCTION COLLABORATORS VDA PRODUCTION COLLABORATORS  is a home-servers VPN-based digital agency workplace for ideation-developers and professional IT-services providing freelancers who are working in collaboration aiming to build web-tools virtualization and emulation ecosystems for managing clients’ projects focused on creating  applications for any devices to be implemented at on-cross-platforms for development,   prototype-testing and hosting,  reviewing and modifying  code in a secure cluster. 

The abbreviation of “VDA” has been taken by a diversity of entities from all over the world; nevertheless, “our” VDA, in particular but not limited to, stands for –

(1)             Vasilyeu Dzmitry Alyaksandravich,
(2)             Visual Digest Aspects,
(3)             Virtual Digital Assets,
(4)             Virtual Desktop Applications,
(5)            Virtual Digitalized Automation.
Both “VDA PRODUCTION” and “Visual Digest Aspects” are Author-branded copyright-protected names registered in U.S. Copyright Office, eCO Registration File number: SR 1-845123021, dated on 11/1/2012.

With an international presence in Asia, Mexico, India and Latin Americawe have been engaged in partnering with some individuals who have taken “VDA” as a business-name for their business entity trade name.
 Please, do not wrongly misinterpret “VDA PRODUCTION” as a brand-name and “V.D.A. Productions” as dba-name originally taken in 2013 by a legally incorporated start-up company governed by US-based entrepreneur assigned in a capacity of the First Board Director. 

 V.D.A. PRODUCTIONS or else “V.D.A. Productions” is a DBA name of PayPal and Stripe identity-verified US-based Representative responsible for “VDA PRODUCTION”  activities and service-providing within the territory of USA in respect of “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project. 

  Dimana$U$ Prophecy project 
V.D.A. PRODUCTIONS  Products & Commodities Overseas Delivery & Distribution US-based Service: 11923 NE Sumner St., STE 764135 Portland, Oregon, 97220, USA 

An enthusiastic and engaged VDA PRODUCTION COLLABORATORS’ workforce can produce far-reaching benefits and demonstrable user-oriented value of mobile application open-source-code and scripts based features via Virtual Digitalized Automation

open source code and scripts


Virtua  Digitalized Automation Infrastructure:  VDA PRODUCTION
Virtual Digitalized Automation (VDA) is a set of in-cloud-servicing technical-problem-solving principles, approaches and methods which are addressing to the virtualization, emulation and automation of software, including the end-user-friendly web- and mobile applications, to be optimized for any-sized-business needs in its most-effective, customers-focused and consumers-oriented way across all major handheld devices and computer operating systems with 24/7 access.

Marketing Analyst & Specialist Strategy:

Getting succeed with developing innovations-based projects

Marketing Analyst and Specialist Strategy
Client’s Project-Branded Web-Platform & brand-associated domain-name hosting

Client’s Project Authorial 

Tutorship and Leadership Service

Project Authorial   Tutorship and Leadership Service
“VDA PRODUCTION” is a Google My Business address-verified (code BY01081801158) authorial-branding service which primary category that best represents it is titled “Intellectual Property Registry”.

“Intellectual Property Registry” is blockchain principles based service addressing increasing the IP-capitalization security and high-score IP-commercialization efficiency in respect of developing and accomplishing author-branded start-up projects which exploit “Undisclosed Commercial Information” in the form of “trade secret” and “know-how”.

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