VDA Production Collaborators

An extensive-experience-based VDA PRODUCTION COLLABORATORS, organized in all-in-one distant-services providing team, will be working on your project to create final product as quickly as possible.

VDA PRODUCTION Collaborators is a team of top-skilled freelancers who have been working on Author-branded projects and whose identity has been verified and certified. 

By using 7-years- experience of building personalized freelancers’ assistance team that has been focusing on  developing my own intellectual- property-based projects, I can help you initiate collaborating with trustworthy  freelancers thus  they could start working on your project within a few days after you approve  the "Project Management Program" (aka PMP). 

I can help you design the value-driven management solutions to roll out to hiring freelancers according to your project needs and demonstrating the effectiveness and success of the PMP.
VDA Production services help bring visions and brands to life by providing the knowledge needed to create a solid foundation of ideas and practices. By dealing with VDA PRODUCTION COLLABORATORS, who form your project developing team of experienced professionals, you are ensured that you are provided with virtually turnkey event management solutions integrating all logistical, production, fulfillment and management aspects, with the majority of your project needs being met fully in-house.

I know that we are going to spend a lot of time together while working on accomplishing your project so I firmly believe that established partnerships play a vital role in designing “most effective” solutions, enabling me to serve as a trusted partner that can understand, talk through, and implement the technology and services needed for your project.
I do my best to create a culture of innovation, trust and integrity with my clients and among VDA PRODUCTION COLLABORATORS as my distantly-servicing colleagues.
I am proud of my earned reputation as an “Author” and “Inventor” thus every relationship and friendship I made through personal meetings with top-skilled freelancers and investors in Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Romania, Turkey, Panama and USA I sincerely believe that my "Project Managing Supervisor" and "Project Marketing and Financing" solutions are well-designed to satisfy the client’s projects needs and challenges.

My Author’s services in a capacity of "Project Managing Supervisor" are based on the experience of collaborating with a large pool of top-quality freelancers who are specialized in various sectors of technologies (IT, AI, VR etc.), and whose services are customized to fit a small and medium company's project needs.

My main goal as Project Managing Supervisor is to empower my VDA PRODUCTION COLLABORATORS team to create your future and to provide you with the modern technology tools targeting getting succeed in the digital age.

Through dealing with top technologists all over the world to support and grow my own vision I try deliver key innovations on time and under the budget.

As the Author and self-developer of my own projects that evolve my technology strategy I am trying to create innovations-based products with security top of mind that comes along with a very specific marketing strategy which addresses to the publicity of the project I am working on and which increases efficiency by aligning “participants” to my projects to maximize their strengths.

My Blog is where I show my stuff exposing myself and putting my ego in your hands. Take a look around my Blog dedicated to my big freelance projects and my creative experiments. You can hire me or try to talk to me on other subjects so we can be friends.

My own creative approaches addressing to initiating and developing client’s projects differ depending on each concrete project needs and I always start by consulting with the Client and researching the brand landscape in which Client’s business lives, to ensure we completely understand whatever design problem asked for finding the proper solution. That means looking at it in the context of you and your project marketability and product commercialization to set of solutions tailored to the scope of the project. 

If needed, I could provide a verified freelancer work history, feedback, and instant match with the right freelancers, built-in collaboration tools and easy payments (pre-fund account and consolidated invoicing and billing).

If desired, I may provide a Representative Virtual Office “work-on-project” concept that is addressing to the tools allowing storing and accessing any confident documents directly in a special folder on your virtual-computer drive, protected with a login and a password.

With “a computer virtualization” you can transfer any confidential files and create subfolders to store them on your virtually emulated computer to manage all your files from an application via a remote server that allows WebDAV or SMB/CIFS connections and that sets the access rights for its folders and documents stored so you will have a secure accessing, storing and managing, in particular:

- “custom portal and contract management”,
-“freelancers classification compliance services”,
-“dedicated account management”,
- “advanced inventory project management”;

I can assist businesses with payroll services, talents and freelancers sourcing, and project management program design. My personalized assistance is to help you deal with “right” top-skilled freelancers who provide their end-to-end servicing solutions which are specifically customized to fit your project needs.

I elaborate on solutions and design practices that helps forge meaningful relationships between your brand(s) and customers/audiences. I may help you locate (or rediscover), and communicate, your brand's purposes. So whether you need a simple logo refresh or product “brand-packaging” and “brand-promotion” I could help you by using design to ensure your brand-purpose resonates with your prospective customers/audience. Good design is always underpinned by non-standard approach and strategic thinking so this is how I approach my own projects and every Client’s project as well.

VDA PRODUCTION COLLABORATORS may help you with creating or refreshing your brand identities that could include any or all of the following:

Logos Business cards and Brand handbooks | Style guides and Websites | Social media profiles | Brand naming | Branded merchandise and Corporate stationary |

In addition VDA PRODUCTION COLLABORATORS may help you design:

Corporate literature | Product packaging | PowerPoint/Keynote Templates Event collateral Billboards | Press | Digital |